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British media said China will dominate the world electric car market

Time:2024-05-09 Views:122
China will soon become the world‘s major electric car production base, more and more car manufacturers to develop the strategy of developing electric cars in the Chinese market. On the 15th, BMC Chinese network reported that Simon Morse, chief executive of Benchmark Mining Intelligence (a company that collects price data and evaluate the lithium battery industry supply chain), said China‘s lithium battery industry is becoming the strongest in the world. He recently said in an interview with the Chinese media that an ultra-large lithium battery factory is emerging and most of the new production capacity is concentrated in China.
Simon Morse said that while the ultra-large lithium battery plant started with Tesla, China‘s lithium-battery makers such as BYD, New Energy (ATL) and 70% of Lishen‘s new plant are located in China.
Lithium battery manufacturing base
He also said we also saw manufacturers in Japan and South Korea also building giant factories in China. China lithium battery production capacity in 2020 will account for 62% of the world.
According to the British benchmark mining intelligence said that China‘s lithium battery plant production is currently 16.4 GWh, by 2020 the total output will reach 107.5 GWh.
Demand for electric vehicles, the government stepped up the energy-saving lamp requirements and other factors have contributed to the development of the lithium battery market.
"The global market is experiencing rapid changes, with smaller batteries being converted to larger electric vehicles." Morse said that "the increase of electric bikes in China is also an important factor. The replacement of petrol engine vehicles by electric vehicles will be a key change."
He added that the electric car market has really enjoyed a significant period of development when an electric car capable of driving more than 230 miles (370 km) can be recharged at a reasonable price. He predicts these will be achieved in three years.
Morse said investing in lithium batteries and working with major technology companies to build a new electric vehicle will be important to China and will keep China in the lead.
"China may become the production base of the world‘s major Chinese electric vehicles and Western brands of electric vehicles, and China will firmly grasp this opportunity in the context of cooperation."
Why electric cars
Ford Motor Company just announced the development of electric vehicle strategy in China. Ford Motor Co. plans to move 70% of its electric-powered vehicles to China by 2025.
Reported that Tesla in 2016 $ 70000000000 of sales of 1 billion dollars in China, the company president said that in a few years China will account for the company‘s global sales of the largest share.
The president of Volkswagen recently said that the design of their new I.D. electric car was designed with the Chinese market in mind. The company plans to secure an annual sales of 1 million electric cars in China by 2025.
at the same time. Chinese electric car maker BYD has an impact in the U.S. market when they sell electric buses and electric trucks to customers. BYD is backed by U.S. investors Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway.
Automotive industry analysts believe that the development of China‘s electric car market, mainly for two reasons. One is the expansion of the surplus population in the Chinese population who want to drive luxury electric vehicles such as Tesla because they are more durable, powerful and good-looking.
Another reason is the population distribution. More and more Chinese population have entered super-large cities, enjoying better education and training there and farmers entering employment in mega-cities. These people need the means of transportation outside the railroad and the bus, while the small electric cars are better suited for their use in crowded cities.

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