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What is the difference between polymer batteries and lithium batteries?


Lithium battery concept is used very frequently, a little attention, we will find that with this concept is in fact broad, narrow and narrow three kinds of distinction.

The generalized lithium battery includes lithium galvanic battery and lithium ion battery; Because lithium ion batteries are more widely used than lithium galvanic batteries, lithium battery in a narrower sense usually refers to lithium ion battery; Inside the lithium ion battery and there are two categories: liquid polymer lithium ion battery and lithium ion battery, because quality is bigger, more liquid lithium ion battery, so the narrow understanding of lithium-ion batteries is refers to the liquid lithium ion battery, and polymer lithium ion battery and lithium polymer battery, people used to place on the polymer battery for short.

If the difference between lithium polymer batteries and lithium batteries is made in a broad sense and a narrower sense, then the only thing is the relationship between the concept of species and the concept of genus. Lithium polymer batteries are included in lithium batteries.
Therefore, the comparison is in a narrow sense: polymer battery and liquid lithium ion battery comparison, based on this, the following lithium battery refers to the liquid lithium ion battery.
1. The fundamental difference is raw materials
This is the general source of their various manifestations. Polymer battery refers to the use of polymer materials in at least one of the three components of positive, negative or electrolyte. Macromolecule means large molecular weight, and the corresponding concept is small molecule, macromolecule has high strength, high toughness and high elasticity. At present, polymer battery polymer materials are mainly used for positive electrode and electrolyte.
Polymer battery cathode material in addition to the use of lithium battery inorganic compounds, but also can use conductive polymer;

(2) the electrolyte of polymer battery has polymer electrolyte (solid or colloidal state) and organic electrolyte, lithium battery USES electrolyte (liquid or colloidal)
2. Shaping difference

Polymer batteries can be thin, flat and shape-free because the electrolyte can be solid or colloidal rather than liquid, while lithium batteries use electrolytes, which require a strong case for secondary packaging. As a result, lithium batteries add some weight.

3. Security

The current polymer is mostly soft-clad battery, using aluminum plastic film as the shell, when the internal use of organic electrolyte, even if the liquid is very hot will not explode, because aluminum plastic film polymer battery using solid or colloidal state without leakage, just natural rupture. However, nothing is absolute. If the instantaneous current is large enough to cause a short circuit, it is not impossible for the battery to spontaneously ignite or burst. The occurrence of safety accidents in mobile phones and tablet computers is mostly caused by this situation.
4. Cell voltage
Because polymer batteries are made of polymer materials, multi-layer combinations can be made in the cells to achieve high voltage, while the nominal voltage of lithium battery cells is 3.7v. In order to achieve high voltage in practical use, multiple cells need to be connected in series to form an ideal high-voltage working platform.

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